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Prepaid Phone Calling Cards

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The best way to find the cheap phone call provider for you is to let's comparison service do the hard work for you. We have all the major cheap phone card providers and their different rates on our website - all you have to do is provide some basic details like the country you're calling from and the country you want to call, and our price comparison calculator will show you the cheapest phone cards.
Cheap calls from USA

Prepaid phone cards (cheap calls from USA and other countries)

Order cheap international phone calling cards.
- USA -> 1.00 c/min- France -> 2.30 c/min- Korea South -> 2.48 c/min
- Germany -> 2.30 c/min- Russia -> 1.90 c/min- UK -> 2.30 c/min
- Australia -> 2.48 c/min- Greece -> 3.62 c/m- Israel -> 2.83 c/min
- Spain -> 2.38 c/min- India -> 9.00 c/min- Mexico -> 6.60 c/min
- Japan -> 2.49 c/min- Ukraine -> 8.30 c/min- Italy -> 2.42 c/min
- Canada -> 2.00 c/min- China -> 2.29 c/min- Other Countries -> more info

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