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We offer long distance phone cards, including international phone cards such as calling cards to Australia, India, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, China e.t.c. Buy a card Online from the comfort of your Home 24 hours a day 7 days a week, get your access code Instantly and make a Call from anywhere, anytime. Great solutions for everyone: You have relatives in Europe, Russia, Canada or Israel? Do you want to keep in touch with them more often and pay less for telephone conversations? In this case our calling cards are simply created specially for you: We have the LOWEST calling rates for calls to Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, India, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ukraine, UK, Korea South, China, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Mexica, Australia, Japan and others countries.

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Using our calling cards is very budget-friendly. Simply buy as many international calling cards as you have budgeted for and use them until they run out. Our phone card rates are so low, that they might last more than a month and save you money on your budget!

The Saturn phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill feature and no expiration date! You pay no connection fees and can take advantage of both Local Access Numbers and Toll Free Access Numbers. This card provides competitive long-distance rates from the US and Canada to many countries with high quality connections.

FastWorld is one of the best calling cards on the market for calling from foreign countries to the United States, as well as between foreign countries. It boasts the lowest long-distance rates for calls all around the world! The card has a list of Global Toll Free Access Numbers and a list of Local Access Numbers for particular cities in many countries.
The Continental calling card is one of the most versatile cards on the market. Along with the highest quality service and low rates for many destinations, it also has many handy features (see list below). It is a refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial and Online Call History access. The Continental card stands for functionality and convenience.

The Bizon is a Permanent PIN phone card with the handy Refill feature and PIN Free Access. Plus, there are no connection/maintenance fees and, best of all, you get very low calling rates to a wide array of countries all around the world. Get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the US and Canada as well as Local Access in Europe.

The Simply phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill option and PIN Free Access feature. Its Toll Free Access Numbers are accessible from the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as Canada. You'll also enjoy low long-distance rates to many countries with high quality connections... and you'll never pay a connection fee.
The Royal Call phone card is a Permanent PIN card with Refill feature, and No Expiration Date! The card provides lowest long distance calling rates from Canada to many countries with high connection quality, and it can be used from USA. PLEASE NOTE: Balance quoted during calls is in Canadian dollars.

The Jupiter phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill feature, PIN Free Access option and no expiration date! But not only is the Jupiter calling card ultra-convenient, it's also great value with its competitive long-distance rates from the US and Canada and a wide variety of other countries. This popular card also boasts excellent quality connections.

The Lucky Minutes calling card is a Permanent PIN card that provides the convenience of both PIN Free Access and the handy Refill option. You get lowest rates for domestic calls and to many countries with high quality connections, as well as Local and Toll Free Access numbers. And you can save even more by using the Local Access Numbers from your cell phone. You’ll feel lucky with “Lucky Minutes” calling card
With its very low rates, the Golden Lotus phone card is the ultimate card for calling to India and other countries in South Asia. But it doesn't end there. This versatile card also lets you call around the globe and to make domestic calls within U.S. and Canada! Use Toll Free Numbers or Local Access Numbers in the USA, Canada and many other countries. It couldn't be easier! And you'll never pay a connection fee.

Low Rates Prepaid Phone Calling Cards for April 2021.

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The best way to find the cheap phone call provider for you is to let's comparison service do the hard work for you. We have all the major cheap phone card providers and their different rates on our website - all you have to do is provide some basic details like the country you're calling from and the country you want to call, and our price comparison calculator will show you the cheapest phone cards.
Cheap calls from USA

Prepaid phone cards (cheap calls from USA and other countries)

Order cheap international phone calling cards.
- USA -> 0.80 c/min- France -> 0.48 c/min- Korea South -> 1.08 c/min
- Germany -> 0.98 c/min- Russia -> 1.88 c/min- UK -> 0.38 c/min
- Australia -> 1.28 c/min- Greece -> 1.18 c/m- Israel -> 1.00 c/min
- Spain -> 0.78 c/min- India -> 1.40 c/min- Mexico -> 0.58 c/min
- Japan -> 1.88 c/min- Ukraine -> 7.98 c/min- Italy -> 0.78 c/min
- Canada -> 0.58 c/min- China -> 1.08 c/min- Other Countries -> more info

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